Umbwe Route

6 days. Physically challenging, most direct but very steep route.

Machame Route

6 - 7 days. Highly recommended as most scenic route on Kilimanjaro.

Pumba Southern Safaris

10 Days. When you're looking for a special safari off the beaten track.

Wapendanao Bush & Beach

10 Days. After a dusty safari you can relax on the palm-fringed beaches of Zanzibar.

Mara River Crossing

6 Days. Luxury safari to watch the wildebeest cross Mara River (Serengeti).

Amazing Africa (Kenya)

7 Days. Explore Kenya's famous parks in this unforgettable safari.

Explore Tanzania

7 Days. Extend trip concentrating on the northern National Parks.

Zanzibar holiday

8 Days. Discover every secret of this beautiful, amazing tropical island.

Rongai Route

6 – 7 days. The only route that approaches the summit from the north.

Marangu Route

5 – 6 days. The classic trek to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Discover Nature

5 Days. Discover the beautiful nature of Selous Game Reserve.

Nainokanoka Highland

6 Days. Off the beaten track, discovering nature & culture of northern Tanzania.

Hakuna Matata

5 Days. A camping safari in the northern parks is an experience you'll never forget.

Birding safari

17 Days. Trip through the country to observe numerous species of birds.

Across Savana

7 Days. Beautiful safari concentrating on the southern National Parks.

Pemba holiday

6 Days. Part of the Zanzibar Archipelago, this green island is much less visited.

Lemosho Route

7 - 8 days. Remote but very scenic route on Kilimanjaro.

Mount Meru

4 Days. Recommended to prepare for Kilimanjaro.

Great Migration Tanzania

6 Days. Experience the spectaculair Wildebeest Migration and much more.

Cross country Tanzania/Kenya

10 Days. Dive into the highlights of the two best Safari-countries in Africa.

Bushmen & Datoga Adventure

Extensive 10 day trip to explore northern Tanzania & its culture.

Big Five

4 Days. Short safari that concentrates on two parks in northern Tanzania.

Zanzibar day tour

Discover all the secrets of Stone Town in a day and learn about the history.