Practical information

Everything you need to know to travel in Tanzania without any troubles.

Passport and visa

All visitors to Tanzania must have a passport, valid for travel in Tanzania. All visitors require a visa to enter Tanzania. Visas may be obtained from our diplomatic representatives abroad, or at the borders where you can enter the country, such as border stations, airport or harbour. Always ask for advice before you leave your country, so you will be sure to have the up-to-date information.


Visitors should have an international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever. It is also advisable that a certificate show of vaccination against cholera is obtained. Anti-malaria tablets are recommended, ask your local medical service for advice on what kind of tablets you should take.

Travel with children

Tanzanians love children and are especially helpful to mothers. However, canned baby food, powdered milk and disposable nappies may not be available outside major towns or at the National Parks hotels & Lodges.


The electricity current is normally 220-240 Volts. Generally all the hotels and lodges will have sockets that will enable you to use your electric shaver, recharge your camera batteries or mobile phone or use any other electrical equipment. It is recommended that you also bring a universal adapter to avoid problems. Bear in mind that power cuts are not unusual, but most places have generators in case this happens.

Fax and communications

Almost all places in Tanzania have facilities to make telephone calls or send faxes to countries all over the world. In a lot of (bigger) towns there are internet facilities where you can read and write e-mails.

Banks & Money

Bank hours are from 08.30 h. to 15.00 h. from monday to friday and from 8.30 h. to 12.30 h. on saturday. On official holidays the banks are closed. In the bigger cities there are usually foreign exchange offices, which have longer hours of service.

Credit cards (Access, Master card, Visa, American Express and Eurocard) are accepted only at major lodges, hotels and some travel agents. A surcharge may be added for this service. ATM and 24 hours cash machines are available in branches of major banks, in bigger cities.

Traveller's cheques in pounds sterling or us dollars are recommended, though it may be difficult to exchange. Kindly note that all payments done by cash U.S. Dollars should be of higher denominations and of 2004 or later series.


Tanzanian time is GMT/UCT plus three hours. There is no daylight saving.


Its is better to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of rooms and other services, especially during the peak season (june to february, and Christmas time). Simba Spedizioni ltd reserves the right to substitute the hotels named in the itineraries when absolutely necessary. To avoid unexpected accommodation changes early booking will guarantee your first choice.